Tiger Did It Again

June 21, 2008 · Filed Under Golf Tournaments, Tiger Woods 

“I’d say, ‘Tiger, I promise you,’” Earl says as we look upon his son’s unmistakably steely gaze, ‘“ That you’ll never meet another person as mentally tough as you in your entire life.’ And he hasn’t. And he never will.”  To view this Nike TV commercial click Nike’s Website.

Tiger did it again. What an incredible show, perhaps his greatest golf tournament to date. He etched his U.S. Open victory into the laurels of all eternity to inspire all humanity throughout the world to new levels of consciousness. Nike and Pops and Michael Jordan were all correct with their thinking that Tiger will do more for the game of golf and life than Jordan did for basketball – and I thought that would be an unattainable feat, and he will do more to inspire humanity because of his golfing skills.

The good news is what lies within Tiger lies within all of us as well. Ali understood this power (I am the greatest of all time), so did Andrew Carnegie,  JFK, Gandhi, and Napolean Hill – the father of personal growth, among many others like Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna, and Lord Jesus. “For you too shall do all of these things and more.”  There’s only one way to go – and that’s up! We all can develop and harness this energy even more than ever before – it’s a simple matter of belief, connecting with our authentic (higher) Self, and evolving our consciousness within. Tiger understands what’s it like to be a spiritual being and so can you.

The greatest discovery in the 20th century can be summed up in five simple, yet oh so powerful words – We Become What We Think. Tiger is becoming what he thinks, and he thinks and desires to become even better. Thoughts create swings and everything else. In order to play like a champion, you’ve got to first think like one. Whatever we feed into our conscious mind (thoughts, dreams, goals, intentions), and allow to filter in, take root, and implant and imprint into our subconscious mind (our self-image belief system) becomes our comfort zone, which runs everything in our life: relationships; health; money; God (spirituality); career; fun; leisure; yes even our golf game. It is as simple and as complex as that.

Although it might appear that the rest of us mere mortals are so far behind the eight ball, after all, Tiger received this understanding right from the get-go through Mom and Pops, not to mention how gifted he is…yet we all can develop and take back our own power within. What else is there, throw in the towel and settle for mediocrity? Never. What lies within another, what you see and project in another, lies within all of us. It’s time to recreate yourself anew building a winner’s or champion’s self-image becoming the grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about who you really are.  Wake up! It all starts with a thought, an intention, a dream. Isn’t it about time to revisit your dreams and have one – ones that uplifts, inspires, and empowers you to enjoy life, to be happy now, and to play inspired golf with outrageous joy!

Learn to intuitively align yourself and connect with this Source Energy, this Well-Being stream that is always flowing to you and through you. In life we call it going with the flow.  In golf we call it The Zone.


Rand Marquardt

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One Response to “Tiger Did It Again”

  1. Rand Marquardt on June 24th, 2008 3:05 pm

    What we project in other athletes that we admire, also lies within each of us. If we simply project it others and not in ourselves we give away our power. Therefore, awaken to more of who you really are by taking back your own power. Likewise, what we see in another that is less than admirable lies also within each of us. Once we recognize this aspect, acknowledge it, integrate it, and love it - thanking it for showing us another way, we don’t have to suppress it any longer. Yes, what lies within Tiger - what makes Tiger tick - lies within each of us. If you don’t believe it, then that’s the problem. Your thoughts?

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