What are YOU doing to prepare yourself mentally?

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If you’re like most, most likely not a darn thing! And most likely you don’t know how or what to do? Perhaps think positive thoughts and lower your expectation, “try” to have fun and not get so darn bent out of shape? What am I supposed to do you ask? For the weekend warrior who has a job, a family, and plenty of other commitments, 1) Perhaps make a commitment to practicing at different times and practicing more efficiently on the things that you can improve upon, and 2) Lighten up and don’t take it so doggone serious. Remember: Golf is supposed to be fun and I am out here enjoying nature with my friends and buds. It’s amazing how this simple mindset changes everything.

I think that describes a vast majority of players, myself included, and I might add for 40 + years- worth. Sure, I could take the test and pass with flying colors memorizing the answers: 1) Be calm, 2) Be focused, 3) Be present, 4) Feel like it is slow motion, 5) Be relaxed, 6) Appreciate, 7) Have fun, and a host of other positive mindset items. So, you get to the first tee and then what? Within no time at all you are back to your normal “comfort zone” and as soon as things, like your shots, go astray frustration begins to kick in. If you’re lucky enough to let go before your round is up you might find some sense of playing well, which keeps you coming back for more.

If golf is 90% mental how come we spend very little time practicing our mental game? Same goes for all the rest of the sports. Coaches have about 1 ½ - 2 hours to practice on the field. Virtually very few of them spend any time beyond an initial “goal setting” session at the beginning of the year. No fault of their own, they just don’t have the tools or ability to express with clarity what to do or what to say. So, we practice, practice, practice the physical game. And we do get a little bit better – for the most part. But…we could improve tremendously if we had the right tools. So much talent is minimized from the lack of understanding. Every athlete has more in them then they even realize.

The first place to begin is exactly where you are right now. You must make the commitment to becoming your best. What does that look like for you? For me it was simply setting a powerful intention of being a 5- handicap, then a 2-handicap golfer – something I have never been before. I ended the summer a 1.2 handicap golfer. You see, growth begins at the end of your “comfort zone.” Yes, personal goals, setting powerful intentions, and having a dream is what sets it all into motion. And, if your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough! You will never know what you are capable of unless you step outside your “comfort zone,” and make the commitment to play full out! What kind of player do you desire to be? Remember it must scare the hell out of you. It also must seem natural too.

Once you’ve made this commitment you will be shown what you cannot see right now. All kinds of things, tools, experiences, people, resources, and awareness will start coming into your life. This cannot be taught by words, it must be experienced. You must make the commitment. Some of these tools I share with others, which include: Emotional Freedom Technique, Letting Go, Removing Blocks, Eliminating foolish self-sabotaging behaviors, Being Present, Visualize, Visualize, Visualize, Act as if, I AM THAT, Subconscious Mind Re-Programming, “Consciousness Awareness,” to name a few are all designed to allow the athlete to lead a God-given inspired life with freedom of expression to be their best…essentially, to BE in The Zone more often than ever before.

Excuse for being so BOLD, but your sport game and your life is waiting. You are ready NOW. You must begin NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week, next summer, but NOW.


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Observe more, react less.

Attain Your Highest Ideals

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A New Years blessing to all those who wish to attain your highest ideal for yourself. And it works both on and off the golf course. You have a choice:

1. To continue on grinding it out thinking you can figure it out or,
2. Let go of the incessant wheel of grind, of negative repetition that has brought you to where you are today, and set into immediate action that which will build up an invincible thought structure which will never fail in carrying you to the highest.

The first choice is our own ego thinking we can achieve and become whatever we set our mind too. And that is true. And our ego also likes to keep us playing small as well. Regardless, this way is a long enduring process full of struggle and grind. Once you “get there,” you may feel empty and like David Duval, a former #1 golfer in the world commented once he “got there,” “Is this all there is?”

There is another way. The easiest and most successful way of attainment to this highest goal is forever to let go or drop the thought structure that has bound one to the incessant wheel of grind. The place to start depositing more and more beneficial beliefs into the treasury of your subconscious mind is to place in your mind the thought and word, “GOD,” knowing positively that it is the one point from which and where all success originates, also from which all success emanates.

The Sun, like The Zone is always shining. “Removing the clouds does not cause the sun to shine, but merely reveals what was hidden all along,” Dr. David R. Hawkins. By letting go of negative thoughts, limited beliefs, and other foolish self-sabotaging behaviors little by little we will end of playing better, often in wonder and astonishment. Our Zone, our happiness, our joy is our natural way to be. It is us who take ourselves out of The Zone and into despair, struggle, frustration, and disappointment. The key is to “right the ship,” if you will, and choose to be happy first. Most say if I can get this or that, then I’ll be happy. It doesn’t work that way in The Universe. Can you see your dilemma and what has been causing you all your pain and suffering? There is a saying that is so simple and so profound, yet the majority will never use it and many will only give it lip service. Let Go, and Let God. Another way of saying it is let go of the oars and find relief. Stop paddling upstream against the current.

Either way both ways are deliberate creators rather than creating by default. It is always your choice? I am simply your guide.

One Mind, God Principle, God Mind, Divine Mind that works through you is the easiest way to attain living the life of your dreams. Ask most successful athletes on how they achieved success? It is God. You are this. This principle is working through you whether you are aware of it or not. It is law. A Return to Love, a return to being Christ-like, a return to being who you really are may just be what you are asking for all along. Blessed Be.

Several Ways To Skin a Cat

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There are several ways to skin a cat, and there are several ways to play this game of golf. Some, like Bubba Watson, don’t like to be told anything. He’s got a completely open, fun and carefree attitude, “I’m just making it all up as I go.” Others, like Zach Johnson surrounds himself with a team, which he feels allows him to stay on track and keep improving through statistics. His Sports Psychologist, Dr. Mo Pickens is constantly working with Zach in all aspects of his life – even his golf game. Then there’s a whole other group of local club pro’s and amateurs who like to have a few beers for a fun social round and, don’t forget, aiming fluid.

Which method fits best for you? Personally, I believe I am little bit of all three of these types. I figure I’ll take a little bit from each of them. I like Bubba’s attitude because we really are making it all up. I like Zach Johnson’s approach to stay on task and keep improving on the areas that need to be approved upon. I’m also quite social on the golf course and I do feel a couple beers helps calm the nerves. I just don’t want to become dependent upon them. Therefore, I wish to keep on depositing more and more beneficial beliefs into the treasury of my subconscious mind, so I can play the game with the freedom to be more fully self-expressed with or without. What about you? What’s your method? What works and what doesn’t work for you?

Self-Image: A Return To Being Tiger-like

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Needless to say, most people have an opinion regarding the rise and fall of Tiger Woods. I expect an epic movie depicting, at one time, the world’s greatest athlete in the near future. What we don’t yet know is how it all ends? While many experts, like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus offer us their takes on what it will take for Tiger to return to prominence, only Tiger can write the script. Personally, I believe Tiger has all the talent in the world to become world’s #1 again. It was his dream since early childhood, his father and mother groomed him, and he declared it for himself. Can he return to being #1 in world again? Here is my take.

Tiger has to heal, forgive, and feel good about him Self. He has to heal both physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In order to be at one’s personal best you must become a match to whom you really are. Essentially, you must love your Self. Life’s most basic challenge is a return to love, a return to being who we really are, a return to being in alignment with our authentic, highest Self. You must love being you, and be at peace with your Self.

According to Janet Helfrich, Mental Skill Development, Sport Psychology Professor at Central Michigan University, “There is a positive correlation between athletes’ feelings about themselves and the way they perform in competition.” Professional golfer Tiger Woods (pre-infidelity) was often seen smiling whether he is on the golf course or talking to reporters.” When asked why he smiles so much Tiger replied, “I like being Tiger Woods.” When his infidelity issue broke Tiger went into a deep seclusion, which lead to some intense counseling. His self-image from what others thought and perhaps what he thought of him Self, was crushed and so it was with his golf game. The world awaits his ascension back to excellence, or not? We are seeing glimpses of that greatness as I write this today. Tiger leads Arnold’s Bay Hill Invitational after two rounds. The buzz is back and according to Ernie Els, so is Tiger.

Tiger’s personal inner journey with his demons and how he makes peace with himself will ultimately determine his fate as an elite champion on the golf course and whether he reaches 19 majors or not? When our mind and emotions are cluttered with all sorts of negative, destructive juju, or other foolish self-sabotaging behaviors it will eventually show up in all aspects of our lives, including our golf game.

For Tiger to return to being Totally Tiger he will have to make peace with his past, and truly learn to totally love himself again. His personal self-image of himself will become and is a direct match to his success or “failure” / results on the golf course.

According to Helfrich, “Our self-image can be defined as the conscious and subconscious image we have of ourselves. This image includes all of our past failures and successes as well as our future assets, liabilities and possibilities. It is an image of how we see ourselves and our future potential of who we are capable of becoming. Since the subconscious mind does not think or reason, it will perform the way it has been programmed. This is why the self-image that we have of ourselves is very powerful and has tremendous influence over our present and future abilities, performances and potential.”

While our self-image can become tainted from what others think of us, we must be careful not to fall into that trap. We are whole, loved, worthy, deserving, and enough just exactly as we are. Many will judge us otherwise; even crucify us. Remember: the one doing the judging, judges themselves. Let go of your need to judge another and you will stop judging yourself so harshly. Let go of your need to judge and simply allow others to be their best along their own journey. After all, everyone is doing the best they can with the tools, knowledge, and resources available to them at this moment in time. Let go of your need to judge and practice the art of simply observing.

Observing versus judging changes everything, including your golf game. It’s a complete paradigm shift in attitude, demeanor, gratitude and self-awareness. Your whole world will turn upside down for the better when you simply observe without judgment and begin to love all of it unconditionally. Observe, notice, become aware, become an objective detective in your own process on and off the golf course versus the raging lunatic that creeps in from time to time before. Look – we all have fallen short, missed the mark, at one time or another and we all keep getting back up. You are forgiven, now it’s just a matter of you realizing it and getting healthy again, getting yourself back up to speed with who you really are. Source sees us as our true, authentic, higher Selves. Become a match to that! Our life challenges are meant for the growth of our own soul. We all have them. We all have the capability to heal, forgive, and love ourselves. We all have the capability to embrace the dark aspects within our shadow, find the gift it brings, love all of who we are, and simply chose again by recreating ourselves anew into the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about who we really are.

Whether it is Tiger’s comeback or our own, we become a direct match to how we think and feel about ourselves. We become what we think!

The Zone

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The Zone is our natural state of being. The Zone is not a place we seek or try or hope to find or get in to, it is us who have taken ourselves out of The Zone. The Zone is like The Sun it is always shining. “Removing the clouds does not cause the sun to shine, but merely reveals what was hidden all along,” Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Therefore, your work, if you so chose to embark upon it, is to one-by-one remove all the obstacles and blocks and clouds that are preventing you from being in The Zone. There are literally hundreds of them with different names. The categories are Fear, Ego, Limited Beliefs, Negative Thoughts, and other foolish self-sabotaging behaviors.

To learn more or to be coached personally pick up a copy of my book, The Fairway of Life, or call me. Only a few will put in the necessary work it takes. Many will give it lip service, and most will do nothing at all. Remember what Einstein said about insanity….repeating the same things over and over again expecting different results. You’ve got to change your energy within to get different results. You got to change your beliefs, your thoughts, your mind-set that get deposited into the treasury of your subconscious mind. Basically, you’ve got to re-create yourself anew becoming the next grandest version of who you really are.

Letting Go

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Letting go of your need to control your golf game allows you the freedom to play with full self-expression.

Letting go of your need for acceptance from others allows you the freedom to play with full self-expression.

Letting go of your need to feel safe and play small allows you the freedom to play with full self-expression.

Are you willing to let go? Another way of stating this divine principle is Let Go & Let God. Just BE who you really are and your golf game & life will flourish and thrive like that of a child building sandcastles near the shore of a beach.

WooHoo – I’m on fire!

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Using your imagination, visualizing your shot, being present, trusting and committing to your swing are all essential aspects to playing your best golf. But if I told you to relax more, not take the game so serious, and be okay with whatever happens – that this too leads to more fun, more outrageous joy, more WooHoo ‘I’m on fire’ kind of demeanor – and you’ll play better golf, would you believe me? When you let go and find relief and learn to go with the flow downstream versus struggling ever so mightily paddling against the current upstream – you will find The Zone and the freedom to more fully express yourself without getting in your own way. Learn to trust life and let life trust you.

Remember: “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you’re both right,” Henry Ford. Likewise, if you think what I am inviting you to experience works, or doesn’t work, you’re right. You can accept or reject anything. The mind is a very powerful tool that has been running your life like a computer on automatic pilot for many years now. This is your subconscious brain, which runs 95% of everything in your life, including your golf game. Want to change the way you play golf for the better? You’ve got to change your thoughts and deposit more and more beneficial beliefs into the treasury of your subconscious mind that will automatically allow you to play golf with your natural freedom of expression.

The answer and wisdom lies within you. Now, it is up to you and your own Divine Mind to let it happen. If you (your ego) “thinks” that you can figure it all out – good luck. I tried that approach for over 30 years learning to hate the game I love. Thinking and doing the same things over and over again from an ego’s perspective is not only insane (Albert Einstein), it keeps you in the same stuck pattern of mediocrity, self-pity, fear, limited beliefs, and negative juju. Acting as if it is so from a Divine Mind perspective allows you to have more fun, smile often, enjoy, and develop an attitude of gratitude for this marvelous game of golf.

Ask and it is given

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The Universe works in mysterious ways. I am inviting you to trust this vibrational power that is within you and within all things. Do you really want to become a better golfer, or are you just venting? The first place to begin is to set a powerful intention and ask, or declare, or intend. It’s where dreams may come and hearts desires flow from. Instead of show me and I will believe it, you must believe it and you will see it. Incredible paradigm shifts will begin to show up in your life on and off the golf course once you fully commit and play full out in being a leading edge, deliberate creator.

“Until one is committed, there is a hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now,” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Here’s how it works. You ask, you declare, you intend, you commit (Step 1) The Universe always answers with a YES – Your Wish is Your Command, even when you shout NO at something (Step 2), now it is your job to allow it in (Step 3), simple…yet very profound. What happens next is up to you. For whatever you resist, persists. Whatever resistance comes up is “your” next lesson. If you have fully committed and played full out you will understand, begin to notice, become aware of how everything changes and shifts occur. If you are simply giving this lip service, and most of you will, then your dream will shrivel back into the soil from whence it sprang, and you may declare that this doesn’t work. Either way, you’re both right.

Here’s another nugget – Whatever kind of golfer you are intending to be – Be as you wish to seem. In other words, act as if it is already so. You will gravitate towards your hearts desire. Be both hungry and humble as you allow this powerful life force to work to you and through you. Give credit and be grateful to where it is really coming from – All That Is.

Feeling stuck – give me a call.

How’s Your Golf Game?

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How’s your golf game?

Go ahead and answer truthfully and honestly.

Post your answers on my blog site www.GolfIsSupposedToBeFun.com and I will follow up with you and YOU will become a better golfer because of it!

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